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  • seo tactics keywords

    Hello! Question: When I add chosen keywords to my site (in urls, title tags, meta description, page content, headers, etc), do I need to put the words on my webpage exactly as they appear in my keyword research? So if I searched "therapist bay area" and I want to include these keywords, for example, must I use those words in that order in a sentence or header on my homepage? Or is it enough to include each word somewhere on the page?

    On-Page Optimization | | LPantell

    local seo google my business seo tactics

    Our company has been purchased. As part of the rollup, our company name will change to theirs and our website will be removed with all web presence being a basic landing page. I am looking for ideas on how to minizine the huge SEO losses we will have soon. I plan to focus on local SEO starting with GMB. Any other tips or direction?

    Moz Local | | jgoethert

  • seo domain authority domain

    I am working on a new content website. Before I decide of the name and buy the domain name, I wonder if it's still worth buying an expired domain name with high(ish) DA instead of starting from scratch.
    Any opinion?

    White Hat / Black Hat SEO | | SolenneGINX

  • 403 errors technical seo

    Hi, all! I've been working with a Wordpress site that I inherited that gets little to no organic traffic, despite being content rich, optimized, etc. I know there's something wrong on the backend but can't find a satisfactory culprit. When I emulate googlebot, most pages give me a 403 error. Also, google will not index many urls which makes sense and is a massive headache. All advice appreciated! The site is It is specific to WP Engine, using GES (Global Edge Security) and WPWAF

    Technical SEO | | SimpleSearch

  • google analytics google tag manager bounce rate

    My client's site that is reporting an under 10% bounce rate for all sources. Direct is the highest at 8%. I'm no expert in GA but wondering if there is a problem with the analytics/tag manager code on the site. I'm especially concerned about the GTM body script being in an iframe which I read could be trouble. <!-- Google Tag Manager (noscript) -->
    <noscript><iframe src=""
    height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden"></iframe></noscript>
    <!-- End Google Tag Manager (noscript) --> You can see all the source code here:

    Reporting & Analytics | | bradsimonis

    moz pro moz academy

    Hi Fans of MOZ, is there anyone out there that knows MOZ like an uber user and understands the details on crawl reports and what they mean? I'm looking for someone to review my MOZ results and give me some practical suggestions to work on with my SEO and web teams. Any takers?
    Bob Preston,

    Moz Pro | | NCPG

    titlepages titlepagestoolong help with title pages

    I have 598 Title Pages that are "too long." I've attached an Excel to take a look. I think I'll need to go through it one by one to make corrections but do not know the 1, 2, 3 steps to take. If you can help after taking a look. Thanks!

    Moz Tools | | BeckersBestShoes

    keyword rankings keyword explorer

    I have already talked to Moz support and it was unhelpful. A large part of why I am paying for this membership is to track my company's overall rankings and keyword data. It has been well over a month since the last update when I search my company's name under "keyword research" and search by site. It hasn't budged yet it says it updates every two weeks. What gives? What value is Moz even providing to me?

    Keyword Explorer | | mwolfer

  • wordpress subdirectory domain authority

    Hi There, I'm working on a WordPress site that includes a premium content blog with approx 900 posts. As part of the project, those 900 posts and other membership functionality will be moved from the main site to another site built specifically for content/membership. Ideally, we want the existing posts to remain on the root domain to avoid a loss in link juice/domain authority. We initially began setting up a WordPress Multisite using the sub-directory option. This allows for the main site to be at and the secondary site to be at Unfortunately, the themes and plugins we need for the platform do not play nicely with WordPress Multisite, so we started seeking a new solution, and, discovered that a second instance of WordPress can be installed in a subdirectory on the server. This would give us the same subdirectory structure while bypassing WordPress Multisite and instead, having two separate single-site installs. Do you foresee any issues with this WordPress subdirectory install? Does Google care/know these are two separate WordPress installs and do we risk losing any link juice/domain authority?

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | HimalayanInstitute

    site crawl

    Hi, we have some 308 redirects on our website, which are permanent redirects, but the site crawler is flagging them as temporary currently. Screenshot 2022-02-10 14.24.26.png

    Moz Pro | | pm-mbc

  • seo 301 redirect rankings

    Hi, Our website is 10 years old, but I only noticed last night we had a page which has some badly formatted copy on. I redirected (301) to the home page Then I had a slight panic that maybe this was the wrong thing to do and it should be like it was with the home page and the /main page. Should I have left it or did I do the right thing?

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | curveballmedia

  • My Forum backlinks and social share backlinks are not indexing plz suggest any free r paid tool that index such backlinks. Otherwise my ranking will drop. Plz help

    Moz Pro | | AsifSeotools777


    Re: Title Too Long - Seo importance 521bf443-0c95-46f7-b358-e8568a947a9e-image.png #titletoolong, #longtitlepages

    Moz Tools | | BeckersBestShoes

  • Hey, How to add more Backlinks of High Quality to my new Website Thanks,

    Moz Local | | CLIPNOVA

    keywords keyword density

    I am using MOZ keyword explorer for quite some time. Yesterday I was checking KD for a keyword of my new tech-related website but it showed a different KD every time for the same keyword. The keyword is "NEW JERSEY IT SUPPORT", the first time it showed 29, and 2nd time it showed 33. Why is this happening?

    Keyword Explorer | | beuiakahaha421

    keywords keyword rankings

    I've been doing SEO on a clients site, for a back page for 6 months now. Good amount of backlinks, has a PA/DA of 34/32, it's indexed by Google (via Console)...but it's not getting picked up for a single keyword (same in Ahrefs). Haven't had this happen before, what am I missing?

    Keyword Explorer | | AdkinsDigital

  • content is king blog post content development

    Hello Moz Team, hope everyone is doing well, I have question regarding mine blog post recently that I published: My target keywords in this post are Cuboid Definition, Cuboid Surface Area, Cuboid Volume. I have considered and applied every good SEO practice, like H Tags, gave links to authority sites, featured image, other images, etc but my post is still not appearing in top 3, 5 or even 10 I have covered each and every aspect of the topic, Can anyone let me know what's the reason and any suggestion for me. Thanks!

    Content Development | | JoeySolicitor

  • migration transition planning rebrand

    Hello - my company is planning to transition to a new website domain sometime this year, probably about six months from now. Our current website does not currently get much organic traffic from unbranded search terms. I would really like to fix that by publishing lots of new blog posts and trying to get more backlinks. But with the website transition on the horizon, I'm wondering if I should hold off on posting new pages and getting backlinks for the time being. Then once the new website is live, I can start to ramp things up. What would you do in this situation? Also, does anyone know of any thorough guides or walk-throughs that cover all of the best practices (re: SEO) when migrating to a new website domain?

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | collinburkewg

  • I add the script for star snippet in my website but not work in my posts you can see it in this URL when I searched in google my custom keyword "Showbox" my competitor show with star snippet in SERP but my site doesn't show snippet stars. Thank You!

    Technical SEO | | JackJasonn

  • seo rankings spam plagiarism duplicate content

    Can someone provides insights on a de-indexing example? I have gone through the depths of Google lack of support and requesting duplicate content flags, so no avail. Here's the scenario: Client had a competing SEO provider try to earn his business. In doing so, he copied word for word our blog that we have been producing content on over the last 5 years. He also integrated Google reviews in the structured data on this new URL. Well, fast forward 1-2 months later, our rankings started to drop. We found this 100% plagiarized site is taking away from our keyword rankings on GMB, and is no and Google search, and our site GMB is now only displaying on a branded name search as well as our search traffic has dropped. I have identified the plagiarized, duplicated content, being tied to our GMB as well, as the source of the problem. Well, I finally obtain ed control of the plagarized domain and shut down the hosted, and forwarded the URL to our URL. Well, Google still has the HTTS version of the site indexed. And it is in my professional opinion, that since the site is still indexed and is associated with the physician GMB that was ranking for our target keyword and no longer does, that this is the barrier to ranking again. Since its the HTTPS version, it is not forwarded to our domain. Its a 504 error but is still ranking in the google index. The hosting and SSL was canceled circa December 10th. I have been waiting for Google to de-index this site, therefore allowing our primary site to climb the rankings and GMB rankings once again. But it has been 6 weeks and Google is still indexing this spam site. I am incredibly frustrated with google support (as a google partner) and disappointed that this spam site is still indexed. Again, my conclusion that when this SPAM site is de-indexed, we will return back to #1. But when? and at this point, ever? Highlighted below is the spam site. Any suggestions? Capture.PNG

    SEO Tactics | | WebMarkets

    moz pro

    Hello, We are currently a MozPro medium member and we are tracking but we have other sites we'd like to track as well. Wondering if we can track more sites with this subscription?

    Moz Pro | | KassandraSharr

  • seo seo audit

    hello . my website is but i cant make a site crawl for this . everytime i run crawling it stops and shows nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz helppp.

    Other SEO Tools | | valigholami1386

  • site crawl technical seo

    Hi there, our website was revamped last year and Moz is unable to crawl the site since then. Could you please check what is the issue? @siteaudits @Crawlinfo

    Technical SEO | | helensohdg38

  • The new Google Search Console gives a ton of information about which pages were excluded and why, but one that I'm struggling with is "crawled - currently not indexed". I have some clients that have fallen into this pit and I've identified one reason why it's occurring on some of them - they have multiple websites covering the same information (local businesses) - but others I'm completely flummoxed. Does anyone have any experience figuring this one out?

    Reporting & Analytics | | brettmandoes

    crawl speed

    I know it can take time to crawl large website, but it's been well over 48 hrs and it would appear Moz just stopped crawling. How can I get Moz to crawl everything? (There are 9.5K pages).

    Support | | MarcoIMAGA

  • Hi Community! I am in the process of updating sitemaps and am trying to obtain a standard for what is considered "strong" crawl budget? Every documentation I've found includes how to make it better or what to watch out for. However, I'm looking for an amount to obtain for (ex: 60% of the sitemap has been crawled, 100%, etc.)

    Technical SEO | | yaelslater

  • domain authority

    Hi, everyone. I want to know if you know any way to get DA & PA metrics with any software (not Netpeak Checker please, is very low) or any add-on for Google Sheet or Microsoft Excel (like Majestic has for Google Sheets). Up today any software works always and sometimes the results are not really. Please, team of MOZ and Community, help me. And team of MOZ, the SEOs around the world need a solution for this. We scrapped many domains every day for build our privates blogs networks and also for search opportunities for link our sites. Please, provide us anyway (software, tool in your suite, I don't know) for this essential function in the SEO World. Thanks!

    API | | seotrafilea

  • google knowledge panel answer box

    My organization is lucky enough to have a knowledge panel associated with our brand search: IEEE
    And, I "own" the panel e.g. Google knows that I am associated with the brand and multiple web properties related to it. (IEEE has many hundreds of related websites, and the domain is one of the oldest on the internet.) However, Google consistently displays incorrect information in the panel.
    I have spent much time "suggesting edits" for these data points, with some success over time. But, there are some things that they just won't fix. If you do that search for "ieee" you can see in the panel the Executives datapoint. The two individuals listed there are not executives of the IEEE organization. (IEEE is a professional membership organization with over 400K members around the world.) Those two guys are in fact members of IEEE, but they are not associated with the central organization. The actual principals are listed on the Wikipedia page that Google is using to populate other data points since it is a "trusted source":
    Despite my contacting Google over and over with the correct data, and proffering references to multiple pages that contain that data, including our own organizational pages:
    the Google team the "owns" the Knowledge Panels tells me: "We’ve reviewed your feedback, and unfortunately, the change you want to make to Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers isn’t supported at the moment. There are parts of Google Search that can’t be edited or removed, such as content that is found on publicly available websites, unless that information is inaccurate." I had a couple of messages from actual signed individuals on that team telling me that they could not make such a change, because, in effect, the algorithm was populating the Panel and it was out of their control.
    This seems crazy to me. They are letting incorrect info stand for months at a time, despite a "trusted source" at the organization in question providing the correct data.
    I have had similar experiences with info in Answer Box sections of the SERP, for various other organization-related data points. This is becoming internally awkward, in that members and staff see this incorrect info and come to me to get it corrected. Not to mention that it harms the organization by misrepresenting it. Thoughts? Suggestions? Have others had success in effecting such corrections?

    Research & Trends | | SledDawg

  • best advertising b2c ads google ads b2c advertising

    Recently, Google ads stop being as effective. Same ads, cost, and web pages, but not getting the same results. Our budget is $4500/mo and need to get at least $25,000 in sales before increasing the budget. What ad platforms have you had success with?

    Paid Search Marketing | | seotools4me

  • Hi, A redirection chain is usually defined as a page redirecting to another page which itself is another redirection. URL1 ---(301/302)---> URL2 ---(301/302)---> URL3 But what about Javascript redirect? They seem to be a different beast: URL1 ---(301/302)---> URL2 ---(200 then Javascript redirect)---> URL3 From what I know if the javascript redirect is instant Google counts it as a 301 permanent redirection, but I'm still not sure about if this counts as a redirection chain. Most of the tools (such as moz) only see the first redirection. So is that scenario a redirection chain or no?

    Technical SEO | | LouisPortier

    redirect 302 308

    Got a looooong list of redirect issues in my crawl for a new client, all reported as 302s but as far as I can see they are all 308s... which is perfectly fine, right, or have I missed a memo? They even confirm the 308 status in the moz detail.

    Moz Pro | | Algorhythm_jT

  • Hi support team, Whenever I want to use Keyword explorer but when I put a keyword in input box, then it shows me Getting Keyword List failed..... what is the issue behind this?

    Keyword Explorer | | younus_5111

    not crawling anymore

    Moz is showing old results for site craw issues, the ondemand craw works but I can't fix these issues without knowing what causing them.

    Moz Pro | | paulwildweb

    moz pro seo optimization keyword density keywords

    In Mozbar, optimization factors
    "Avoid Keyword Stuffing in Document"
    If a blog (or any other page) publishes an article, and that article attracts a considerable number of questions, it is inevitable to prevent repeating the keyword on that page. In other words, using keywords by users in comments should not be considered as "Keyword Stuffing". In my view, if this is true, you need to optimize the detection of "Keyword Stuffing".
    By the way, thanks for the valuable service and tools for SEO.
    Best regards,

    Moz Bar | | Seoman45

  • coursera udemy google videos

    I work for a website pretty much like Coursera, and google never brings up our videos in the SERP. It has been indexed and Search Console URL Inspection tool identifies it as a video object. is it a technical issue or just google doesn't like to show us in the SERP? Is there any way to fix this?

    Image & Video Optimization | | semrtaz

  • Hello, I have a website that I have worked hard in developing and have tried to create useful content, however I am getting an 80% bounce rate. Can anyone give me some feedback as to why this might be? The website is Let me know your thoughts - thanks!

    Conversion Rate Optimization | | nadylime

  • It keeps saying I need to log in, but I'm already logged in, does anyone know a solution? I already tried disabling and enabling, removing and downloading the bar,shutting down, and restarting chrome, and even restarting the computer.

    Moz Bar | | OMteam

  • seo spam

    Do you know any good tips to reduce spam and if spams have an on google ranking?

    SEO Tactics | | easyjobber

    keyword rankings reporting

    I'd like to build a report that provides me all of the ranking keywords (tracked and un-tracked) for about 100 specific webpages on the site. I can pull the keywords from Keyword Explorer using the exact page url, but I don't want to have to do that individually for all 100 or so pages.

    Keyword Explorer | | Dave_Hunt

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